Special Services Division

This division undertakes activities which requires trained and skilled people and specialized equipment. These services are under a dedicated and experienced Manager who has specific experience in managing the demands of such work. The team executing these works is well experienced, thereby ensuring reliability. We also have formed association with competent and internationally reputed partners, where low work volumes do not justify the capital investment. Following are the services offered by this division:

    • Hydro testing

      Hydrotesting of pipelines is a very specialized job and requires considerable expertise and experience...

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    • N2/Helium leak testing

      Helium is used to find small leaks or possibly larger leaks in bigger volumes. The helium is used as a tracer gas...

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    • Chemical& Steam cleaning

      Chemical& Steam Cleaning provides methods to a) Restore or improve process equipment operations or efficiencies...

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    • Specialised Coatings

      We have experienced people and equipments to carry out all types of specialized coatings...

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    • Flange Management

      We have trained technicians and equipment for all your bolting needs. Our resources include hydraulic torque wrenches...

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    • Hot Tapping & Leak sealing

      We provide above services using associates having resources and expertise in these works...       

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